Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Workin' It

Okay, I thought I would get a couple of people interested every week if I was lucky. I’ve gotten twenty-four winks, eight emails, and a few people trying to IM me. I’m pretty much a secretary now: check the email, go through potential matches, email back any possibilities, repeat.  I’m excited-- I guess I’m getting my money’s worth. But it sort of feels like feeding the birds at the park. You really only need a few but what you get is a mob of waddling, swooping, flying stalkers and it can really be overwhelming. I’m learning to be liberal with the “no thanks” response option. This is good for me (as discussed in ‘The Mission’).
The hard secretarial work is paying off. I have three dates set up for this weekend. The first date I’ll call “The Hunter”. He has good sideburns (I should add that to my “ooh” list) and a tattoo of a dog on his shoulder. It promises to be interesting. 

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