Friday, June 17, 2011

Nerdy Hunter and my Cowboy Friends

The Hunter and I went to the Reno Rodeo tonight. I tried to buy our tickets, but he had already bought them and picked them up. Wow. That’s serious preparation. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how The Hunter would react to me feeling very much at home at the rodeo. Most people are sort of rodeo tourists, but I am pretty comfortable in my Ariats and sparkly belt, which I wore, of course. I also brought my flask of Jack Daniels in my purse. He didn’t seem to mind; in fact when he saw it he said I was hot, and I agreed. Hey, neither ‘modest’ nor ‘classy’ are in my profile for a reason. I was also nervous because I was meeting up with some friends that brought their horses in for a barrel race. I wasn’t sure how nerdy Hunter and cowboy friends would mesh.
The Hunter and I maintained a friendly banter through the rodeo. It seemed like he enjoyed just being with me and sharing our flask. After the rodeo, we hung out with my friends while they rode (see friends on the right). He had no fear of horses. He just walked right up and started petting them on the face. I was starving so we went for some late night food with one of my girl friends. He bought her dinner, too (so nice of him). She said she appreciated that he didn’t try to be overly friendly-- he was just laid back and didn’t seem to need to prove himself.

She also said, “He obviously really likes you.” That makes me worry a little bit. The whole point of this was to break my habit of jumping into a relationship, and I also feel mean or dishonest dating other guys while I keep this one hanging. It’s very unlike me. But I’ve warned him and he’s well aware of the situation and keeps asking me out. He’s going to make me a dinner of elk next week. Yum...elk...nothing brings up serious doubts like unique game meat. 

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