Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chacos Say it All

This date was with my sister’s favorite from I’ll call him “Chaco” because that’s what he wore on our date. I’m actually not sure I need to write any more description of him than that-- the Chacos say it all. They are environmentally friendly sandals you can wear in a stream or hiking up a mountain. You may be picturing Tevas, but don’t confuse the two; Chacos are much more modern-cool-hipster than the Tevas of decades past.  I'm hoping this advertisement from the Chaco website is true:
I met Chaco at the same bar as I met the Biologist the day before (thankfully it was a different bartender). It has an outdoor seating area overlooking the Truckee River. The conversation was easy and free-flowing. We talked about traveling and music and television shows and corn (he’s from Iowa, hence the corn). Chaco is very liberal and opinionated and animated. He’s also intelligent and has pretty eyes that remind me of ice. My favorite thing about him was how, by the end of the night, we had four or five inside jokes that we both weaved into the conversation. It made me feel like we knew each other well. At the end of the evening we squished his bike (yes, he rode a bike-- I know-- he’s very environmental) into my car and I drove him home. I was a little disappointed with our non-romantic, friendly goodbye. I’m hoping I get a second date to see if he can be as flirty as he is funny. 

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