Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ahoy, maybe!?

I just got home from my date with The Hunter. I’m more of an animal lover than an animal killer, but I was willing to give it a try. He is When I stepped out of the door and saw the hot little sports car the first thought in my mind was, “Oh my god, he rented a car for a date. Who does that?” As it turned out, he works at an auto-body shop, so the car makes sense. Sigh of relief. We went and had beers. He ordered a tall instead of a regular. This is good. He was easy to talk to and he did make me smile. 
We headed off to play miniature golf, but the outside course was closing. The place also had an indoor course so we decided to play anyway. Here’s where it got interesting. It wasn’t just indoor miniature golf; it was indoor, black light...wait it gets better...pirate!...miniature golf. Neither one of us was going to chicken out, so we grabbed our clubs and our glowing balls and headed into the dark. I can not think of a less romantic place anywhere on Earth. It was small and pitch-black except for the glowing, life-sized pirate cutouts and neon pirate props. There were pirate sound effects to enhance the pirate-y experience. It had the distinct feel of a haunted house and was equally as frightening. Then there were the children-- wild, free-range children that would plop their ball down and play right past you on the putting green. Or should I say putting black? The Hunter and I decided that this must be where parents drop their kids off for hours at a time while they enjoy a drink. The kids could run in circles and do the course over and over again. We agreed that it was a winning concept for parenting, but not for dating.

Here's a video so that you can experience this phenomenon for yourselves. Enjoy!

The Hunter earned serious points for taking pirate golf in stride. We went for another round of drinks afterwords at a bar with a live band and lots of middle-aged people. Pretty sure everyone in the bar was on an internet date, actually. He continued to make me smile and  the conversation was easy. The evening ended with a very un-financial kiss and the possibility of a second date. One down, twenty four to go. The second-date factor, which I really wasn’t even considering before this, could really create some complications. 
Tomorrow I have a date with The Runner. He has a grad degree and is tall-- both items on my “ooh” list. He is athletic and good looking, but he only has one profile picture. My irrational fear: what if he was mauled by a bear since then and now he doesn’t have a face? Hey, anything’s possible.

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