Thursday, June 30, 2011


This was date two with The Archeologist. He was surprising-- in a very good way. The sushi thing went okay. We ate slowly, and thus I wasn’t able to eat the gargantuan amount of raw fish that I usually do. That’s probably a good thing. As soon as we sat down, a group of my good friends from high school sat down at the bar next to us. I was very excited to see them. I was the kind of excited girls get when their voice goes up an octave and they just squeak and hug. I don’t do this often-- these girls are some of my all-time favorite people.  I’m not sure The Archeologist was so excited to have company... a second time (refer to “Remember Shawn” from June 16th). Poor guy. Bad luck; but we enjoyed dinner and I don’t think he was too distressed.
It was exciting to get to know him. He’s the type of person you think you can pin down, then you learn something new and have to shift your whole perspective. Here, I’ll simulate it for you. Build a picture in your mind of Shawn from Boy Meets World. You got it? Here we go...
So he looks sixteen, but you’re wrong-- he’s actually in his late twenties. 
Okay now you’re picturing an old Shawn, but make him cultured and slightly rugged like an archeologist...because he is an archeologist. You with me? 
Next you learn that he owns a house and a Mercedes. At this point, you’ve got an older, rugged, cultured Shawn that is also very stable and grounded. Good. Nice work.
Now how does he finance his outstanding stability you ask? He wins poker tournaments. 
I told you. Full of surprises.
I really appreciate that about him. I feel like I’m a little bit the same way: multi-faceted. I think it’s a good thing. He’s kind of the whole package I’m looking for: intelligent, loves his job, grounded, cultured (he’s from the East Coast so he’s practically a foreigner), has a little accent (only a coowutuh of the time), and he plays poker. Matt Damon plays poker. It’s pretty hot. Then he used the word "morpheme" correctly. Wow. Huge bonus points. I love morphemes. 
He might be my favorite. This makes me feel really bad for The Hunter. Not bad like “awww, poor guy”, but bad in the pit of my stomach, like I ate sixteen mountain rolls at sushi-- but I definitely did not. It’s the guilt. I ate too much guilt. 
I don’t know what I expected from this whole challenge. I guess I expected to just know on the first date whether it was meant to be... or to be. I need Shakespeare on my dates, evidently. There have only been a couple of dates that were immediate no’s. Readers, you know the two. I expected the internet dating guys to show up with some obvious trait that would eliminate them from a possible second date. I thought they would have missing teeth or greet me with a Vulcan salute. I also thought that most of the men would meet me and think “she’s nice” but wouldn’t want a second date. Nope, they’ve been pretty skilled at recognizing my awesomeness (again, I never wrote “modest” in my profile). In my mental image of the Try Twenty-Five Mission, I thought I would have a clear favorite. In reality, there are a lot of guys that have several traits from my “Ooh” list and it’s harder than I thought. Maybe I’ll start my own church that allows reverse polygamy. That may end up being the easiest option. It’ll be just like this picture in a blog I found about “polyandry” ( Genius.


  1. One of your first posts pointed toward this second date conundrum. I could tell after the third Hunter sighting you would be getting yourself in trouble. Though seemingly unfair to the first people you have dated, perhaps you should impose a second date moratorium until you have completed The Mission. As it is, the 24th candidate will be at a huge disadvantage because you are already "comfortable" with #1. I'd feel bad for Hunter/Archeologist by putting them on hold, but I already feel bad for numbers 20-25 because they are being compared to an established relationship. This isn't even accounting for the extreme logistical issues you will have if second dates start rolling over into third dates. The number of dates will be continually compounding and you will find it more and more complicated to fit in the next first date.

  2. Thank you, Nathan for pointing out exactly why this now seems nearly impossible to accomplish. You've got very true points, though. It's definitely unfair to 20-25, and the logistical issues of second and third dates are seemingly insurmountable. The moratorium seems like a good idea, but what if I really like number eight and he doesn't want to wait three months to see me again? Maybe a frequency limit would be better: like one repeat date every two weeks?