Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ninja Style

You remember in “The Mission” how I explained that somehow I automatically go from first dates to long-term relationships? I can see that happening here already. Crap. In the last week The Hunter has definitely had his suitor A-game going. First of all, I’ve caught some sort of plague. I was pretty sure I was dying: fever, cough, phlegm balls, general misery. I decided to keep my dinner date with the Hunter. An elk had sacrificed its life for this date-- I felt like I couldn’t possibly cancel. So I warned The Hunter that I was feeling under the weather the night before the date. His text back was  “do you want me to grab and drop off some gatorade and soup? Or medicine?” How cute is that? 

He said he didn’t mind if I was sick and would make me dinner anyway. The elk was yummy-- like beef but lighter and less dense. He had also made a mushroom sauce,  artichoke leaves, and broccoli with cheese. The artichoke leaves were carefully arranged. He must watch Emeril. After dinner we curled up on the couch to watch  a movie. My fever was so high I felt like I was on fire. He half-jokingly fanned me with a pillow. He kissed me despite the fact that I was a festering diseaseling. He said he didn’t care. 
Then later in the week he dropped flowers off at my doorstep. He said he did it “ninja style” (his words) so I wouldn’t see him. It was the day of a performance I was doing and he had written me a little good luck note to go with my flowers. And he came to the performance, too. He just sat in the back by himself in this crazy little bar... to watch me dance for less than two minutes.
Last night he texted and said that I was “the most interesting and enjoyable person (he’d) met in years” and that he wasn’t “going to stop dating me just because (I) am dating other people.” Wow, see? He’s already dedicated. But it’s not just “other people”. It’s twenty-four other people. I still have nineteen more to go. His “ninja style” does not fit with The Mission. It’s trouble.

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