Sunday, June 26, 2011

Self-Supremacy and Antiseptic

Chaco and I went on a second date. It was horrible. Not because of him-- because of my stupid cough that I have. The whole time I was either coughing, or wanting to cough. He was justifiably grossed-out and it was hard for me to even contribute to the conversation. And there was no touching. We could have been on a school field trip. We stayed at antiseptic distance through a thai food dinner and two beers.

Needless to say, this second date was not as promising as the first. It wasn’t entirely the cough, though. The night started off with him pointing out the tan line on his feet from his Chacos (see? The name totally fits). The kid IS his shoes. Then there were little points in the conversation where he seemed like a self-supremacist. This is a term I use for people who think their opinions and insights are superior and more worthy than the opinions and insights of others. These are the type of people that would argue something like “mixed berry muffins are better than blueberry muffins” and be truly devoted to the belief that their opinion is the all-knowing truth. I’ve been guilty of this on occasion, but I find it irritating even in myself. Chaco wasn’t that bad, either. He had just a hint of self-supremacy-- a sprinkling, if you will. 
So the night was not awesome. But we still managed to talk and get to know each other better. At one point we had talked about taking some dance lessons. When he walked away at antiseptic distance towards his car, he said he would look into it and give me a call. I’ll have to try not to cough into the receiver when he does. 

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