Saturday, June 18, 2011


I went and had drinks with a guy who is studying mountain beavers in his job as a wildlife biologist. You can laugh--it’s okay. I laughed a little, too, when I heard the word “beaver”. He he... “beaver”-- see I just did it again. It’s not just beavers that live in the mountains, though.  This is a specific type of rodent that has not evolved for a very long time. I thought they actually sounded pretty cool. I found this picture at There are other ridiculously cute baby animals on this site as well. I highly recommend taking a look. 
Anyways, the Biologist was friendly. We talked about his work and mine over beers. He lives with roommates (actually, all of the guys I’ve met live with roommates, I think-- it stinks). We played shuffleboard. I was relaxed and had a good time. I bet a second date on a round of shuffleboard and lost, so there may be a second date in the future. I wasn’t disappointed. I find it really ironic that I’m dating The Biologist and The Hunter at the same time. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: “So this girl decides to date two guys: one studies wildlife and the other one kills them...” 
My next date is my Sister’s favorite. He is not conventionally super attractive, but he is definitely cute. He’s traveled to some crazy places and is a grad student. His writing makes me literally laugh out loud. I can tell he’s smart and witty so I’m looking forward to getting to know him better. 

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