Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The “Ooh” List

Looked at more profiles. Found some things other than the obvious athletic and attractive that I’m definitely drawn to. 
  1. Nice shirts with rolled sleeves and good collars.
  2. Grad degrees
  3. Good teeth
  4. Pictures of men with dogs (especially puppies)
  5. Families mentioned in profiles. One guy said he has a “genius sister” and an “awesome” mom.
  6. Men who like their jobs.
  7. Men who are tall--  I like to wear heels.
This is progress. I’ve got an “automatic elimination list”, a “probably not” list, and an “ooh” list. 
By considering all three I’ve got a picture of my perfect guy: At least 6’2”, loves his job which he got with his grad degree, likes to go out on Friday night with his sleeves rolled and talk about how much he loves his family and his dog while drinking a microbrew in a way that shows off his good teeth. 
Because that’ll be easy to find. 

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