Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well Played

No deer. Whew. We went to a comedy show. We had drinks first and I learned that The Hunter took calculus when he was a sophomore in high school. This means he had to ride his bike to the high school when he was in 7th and 8th grade to take his math classes. This was a major nerd card-- well played. I like nerds. This could be us:
The first comedian made a couple of jokes about getting picked on, then singled The Hunter out and said, “This guy over here. I bet you never got picked on. You’re all tall and good lookin’. No, no one ever messed with you.” So you can’t tell he’s a nerd by looking at him. That’s good, right? 

The evening ended with another un-financial kiss. This time some rowdy observers stopped to cheer. That was fun. I agreed to a third date. I reminded him that I still have 22 more guys to meet. He said he was okay with that as long as he gets dates in between. I’m a little doubtful he can make it. 
I am meeting with an archeologist later this week. He had my favorite bar on his profile “hot spots” list, so we decided to meet there. He's divorced. I'm not sure whether to look at that like, "Hey, he's marriageable" or like, "Hey, he's extremely flawed in some way I have yet to discover." Hmm... scary. 

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