Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remember Shawn?

I had initially ignored The Archeologist when he contacted me for two reasons: 
  1. He was divorced and is still in his twenties-- I’m not sure I want to know that story.
  2. He had a picture with terrible hair in his profile. He looked like Shawn from Boy Meets World. For those of you who missed out on that epic coming of age drama, you can see Shawn on the left here.

In the days of Boy Meets World, every girl was in love with Shawn, including me. We all just outgrew the terrible pouf of hair. Then, one day last week, The Archeologist cut his hair, updated his profile picture, and became dateable; so I emailed him back. 

Our date was short because I was going to a baseball game with friends afterwards. He was a genuinely nice guy and he seemed to really be happy with his job. On the humor scale he was a 5.5 out of ten-- I think he was nervous. We didn’t have any trouble finding things to talk about. He seemed like a guy that enjoys life and is a little bit adventurous. Then my friends showed up at the bar to pick me up. Being my friends, they pulled up some chairs, ordered a couple of beers and joined us on our date. Poor Archeologist-- he was blitzed. And he definitely was nervous-- I would have been, too. 
So I left in the hopes of getting a second date to really get to know him. It definitely wasn’t a bad date, but it didn’t have an opportunity to be good, either. This one’s pending.

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