Monday, July 18, 2011

Poker Face

The med student went a little out of control with the texting before the superhero crawl. First he did the random “hi, how’s your day?”-- to which I responded a simple “good.” Then he began a full-on text discussion of the superhero crawl: am I still going? What am I wearing? What is he wearing? What time am I starting? 
I panicked.  I was so overwhelmed I just didn’t respond back. Then the next day he texts “Is everything okay? Are we still talking?” I’m going to have to go through a text divorce with the Med Student. 
So the whole two-guys-on-the-Superhero-Crawl situation never happened. I did meet up with The Hunter. It was late in the evening and I was already pretty...festive by the time he joined my friends and me. I’ll spare you the details of the evening (because I don’t remember them) and just say that The Hunter ended up babysitting me. He got me a cab home and did some excellent drunken support work. I vaguely remember demanding a 7-Up which he brought me and he helped me take my amazing spray-painted metallic gold boots off. He spent the night with absolutely no foolishness. In the morning on Sunday he humanely spared me the details of how ridiculous I had been. Now I can say that The Hunter has seen me at my worst and most unattractive, and he didn’t even flinch. Well done, gentleman.
On Sunday night I met The Archeologist for coffee downtown. I was most certainly not up for a drink. We decided to rent a movie and watch it at his house. His roommates were there and it was pretty relaxed. We ended up talking through the whole movie about everything from eggplant parmesan to our mutual fear of drowning to how Pueblo artists leave flaws in their work on purpose. I find The Archeologist endlessly interesting. He sails, plays guitar, buys his furniture at antique auctions, likes to go to bars in little towns in the middle of Nevada, and he used to be a mechanic. I can't think of anyone in my circle of family or friends that wouldn't like this guy. That might be a fun game: put The Archeologist in crazy situations and see how he survives them all. I think I would start with WalMart.
His biggest downfall is something one of my good friends pointed out-- he doesn’t seem very bold or confident. I think he may just be really laid back and it sort of comes off as quiet and unconfident. Maybe that's why he's so good at poker-- maybe it's his ultimate poker-face personality. He did say that he was a little intimidated by me. When he kissed me at the end of the night, though, I could tell he was more comfortable than he was on our last date. I wouldn’t say it achieved the “wild abandon” level I was hoping for, but it had definitely moved a little in that direction. We made plans for a less-mellow date (all we have really done is talked for hours on each of our dates). We are going kayaking at Lake Tahoe. Hmm... the perfect date for two people that are scared of drowning, right?   

Tonight I have a second date with The Comedian. We are going to dinner and mini-golfing. I am determined not to like him. The whole two-kids thing makes it impossible to really date him. But he is so entertaining I can't resist another casual encounter. I'm going to have to make it really clear that there is no possibility of his success.  I hope I can keep my bitch-face handy even though I'll be laughing for a couple hours straight. 


  1. Wish I would have seen you that night, I was well!

  2. There's always zombie crawl...