Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Own Amusement

Miniature golf with The Comedian was outstanding. He wore a golf shirt. It was made of tech fabric and had white stripes down each side. We went to dinner first, then headed off to prove ourselves on the green. Here are the highlights for you: 
  1. There was a huge cave we had to walk in. We discovered there were real, live bats (or maybe birds?) squeaking in the dark. The Comedian busted out his tiny keychain flashlight and tried to climb up to see them, then ran away like a little girl. 
  2. There was a giant worm... with a mustache and a cigar and a sombrero-like hat (ridiculous picture provided below). We decided it was a Cuban worm, and The Comedian rode it for a photo. 

3. I earned 700 points for jumping the fence so that we could play the other course without paying. 
    In the end we played three courses and had plenty of laughs. We went for some frozen yogurt and I told him again that I don’t want to date anyone with kids. I also told him about my Try Twenty-Five mission. With me saying “I don’t want to date anyone with kids, “ and “I’m going to date 16 more men to break my pattern of unsuccessful serial monogamy,” I thought  he would give up. I even described dating him as a “dead end road.” His response? “Well maybe there’s a path where the road ends and we’ll go for a hike.” Mmm...no. But I feel like I have a personal entertainer, which is pretty cool. He’s been warned; so I’m going to not feel guilty and go on a third date purely for my own amusement. 
    Today I’m going to get my car fixed by The Hunter. He ordered a part for me and everything. It’s like both he and The Comedian want to be used. Weird. I feel pretty spoiled and a little guilty; but they both know I’m dating other people. I think they both assume they are the favorite (I don’t have a favorite). The Archeologist doesn’t seem to mind that I’m dating other people, either. Chaco is the only one that has seemed to mind at all. I’m beginning to wonder what is wrong with these men? 

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