Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged-- epic blogger fail, I know. There are a couple reasons for my lack of posting. The first is that nothing really fantastic or horrific has happened in my recent dating adventures. The plot line has been much more like Bob Ross than Days of Our Lives (obviously I’ve been watching too much non-cable daytime television). The second reason I haven’t written is that I’ve been caving a little to my previous monogamous habits, and I’ve not been looking forward to fessing up. 
You haven’t missed much. I’ve been on a couple of dates: one with The Policeman and one with the other Algal Ecology Guy. The Policeman was friendly-- jovial, even, I would say. We talked about our jobs, and places we’d like to travel, and our life goals. He wants to have horses some day and he drives a Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. Yep-- he could definitely fit in my vision of happiness. He’s texted me a couple of times since our date, but I’ve run out of motivation to respond. It’s not that I don’t want a second date it’s just that I’m getting kind of...tired. This mission is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m starting to feel the fatigue. 
The other date with Algal Ecology Guy was fascinating. He’s been to Antarctica. Who does that? He used to be Mormon, but don’t worry-- I watched him drink a beer. He does, in fact, know Chaco. Damn. We were trading our internet stories and Algal Ecology Guy says, "yeah, I think I heard of some girl trying to date 25 guys." Awesome. I'm a legend.

Algal Ecology Guy is really, highly... extremely... interested in plants. Primarily orchids, it seemed. I got a detailed explanation, complete with hand gestures, about the life cycle of an orchid. There were pods and pollens, “stamens” and “germinations”, “reproductions” and “maturations”. Never has such a sexual-sounding conversation been so not sexual. Algal Ecology Guy wasn’t a total weirdo, though. He laughed at his unusual orchid interest and called his long explanation “nerdjacking.” Here’s the definition of nerdjacking from


June 17, 2011 Urban Word of the Day
In conversation, digressing into extreme and/or unnecessary detail about one’s passion (music, coding, gaming) to an otherwise uninitiated layperson, without awareness or acknowledgement of the listener’s rapidly waning interest or lack of understanding of the subject at hand.
Clyde held Stella’s attention briefly, until he began nerdjacking the conversation by talking about World of Warcraft for 4 uncomfortable minutes.
This definitely showed off his sense of humor. Algal Ecology Guy was also really good looking. He was good looking like the kind of person whose picture is in a frame when you buy it at the store: great teeth, flashy smile, just the right amount of semi-rugged stubble. I think I was a little too much for Algal Ecology Guy, though. He hasn’t called or texted and it’s been over a week. I should probably stay away from Mormons, former Mormons, and anyone I feel like I’m corrupting if they drink a beer with me. Algal Ecology Guy is wise to stick with his stamens.
Okay, it’s time for the confession portion of my blog. I’m going to do this quick, like ripping off a band-aid:
The Hunter and I talk, text, or see each other at least three or four times a week. He’s hung out with my friends (who approve of him but disapprove of my caving to previous habits). He sends me random good morning and good night texts... and I like them. We’ve talked about taking a cruise to Mexico. He’s making me dinner tonight.
There. I did it. Now you know.
I had a friend point out today that it would be okay if I found somebody and wanted to date them; after all, isn’t that the whole point of joining I guess it is. But I’m pretty determined to make it to my 25. I’m not a quitter. And, at the very least, sticking to the mission will make me stave off a relationship for as long as possible. My new challenge is trying to date the guys I like without actually dating them. Maybe I should just get an orchid instead. Then I could nerdjack people with my stamens. 

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